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So, a little bit about me.

Husband to one.

Father to two.

Adviser to many.

Need a few more details?  Hi, I’m Brenton Tong.  I live in Sydney’s Inner West with my wife and two little ones.  I’ve been a financial adviser for 18 years.  My two loves in life are my family, and running my financial services business – Financial Spectrum.

The idea behind this blog is just a rambling collection of whatever I’m thinking about.  My life revolves around my business and my family – there isn’t a lot of room for other things.  I travel when I can, and have as much fun as I can fit in.  I love to cook, but never have the time.  To replace cooking, I eat instead.  I’ve gone for my pilots license three times now, and something always pops up that stops me from completing it.

I did manage to complete the Sydney to Hobart – and I’m heading back the skies shortly to have attempt #4 of flying.

The blog is divided up into a few sections, and I’ll add more section as they come to mind.  But initially, I’ve got life (which is anything that won’t fit into the other categories), food (that I either eat, huge fan of heading out for a bite) and money (considering I spend every working day talking to people about how to have more of it, I thought I’d share some of those ideas with the masses).  On the balance of averages, 95% is going to have something to do with money.

Sit back, and enjoy!  If you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch via my Facebook page, Twitter, or shoot me an email.




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